Solana NFT sells for $2.1 million, breaking previous network record

An NFT from SolanaMonkeyBusiness, a collection of 5,000 NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain, just sold an NFT for 13,027 SOL (~$2.1 million) — making it the most expensive Solana-based NFT to date.

The SolMonkey in question is #1355. It’s the rarest NFT in the collection, according to the NFT rarity tool HowRare.Is, complete with a skeleton body (2.42% of SolMonkeys have this trait), an orange jacket (1.06%) and a bejeweled crown (0.02%).

The first Solana-based NFT to sell for over $1 million occurred just three weeks ago, providing further evidence that the Ethereum blockchain is losing its dominion over NFTs.

Record high transaction fees have plagued the Ethereum blockchain since May of this year.

These market conditions have pushed users into alternative blockchains such as Solana. It’s native token SOL experienced all-time highs in early August and surpassed $1 billion market capitalization on October 1.

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Where NFT-commerce thrives. Built on #Solana.

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